Are These 3 Myths Keeping You From True Freedom?

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At FPWS we talk to hundreds of people everyday and it’s not uncommon for clients to express misconceptions about pardon and waiver laws. Some people don’t think they are eligible when actually they are, others don’t believe they have a criminal record when they actually do!

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That’s why we’ve taken upon ourselves to finally put some of these myths to rest.

Keep reading to get the facts and find out if you know as much as you think you do!

Myth #1  – Your criminal record is erased after 10 years if you haven’t re-offended.

Time has no effect on a criminal record. For this reason it’s very important to start your application as soon as possible. Do yourself a favor and get time back on your side and start your application today, your future self will thank you!

Myth #2 – You don’t have a criminal record if you’ve been charged but not convicted.

Even if you have been acquitted of a crime your record still exists in the form of a fingerprint, photo, and description of the charge. While you do not need a pardon, you will need a record expungement which will remove these items from your record permanently.

Myth #3 – If you have a summary conviction such as a DUI, theft under $5000, or common assault you do not need a waiver to enter the USA.

While it is true that homeland security is suppose to let you pass though on a summary conviction that’s not what happens. The US border now is turning more people away because new technology is allowing them to see everything on your record including these minor offences and even medical records.

It’s up to the discretion of the guard to decide whether or not to let you cross and there are many guards who turn people away for minor offences. Even people who have been crossing the border for the past 30 years without incident are being turned away!

In Summary…

Don’t make the mistake of believing what friends or family members tell you about the law. There are many other myths just like the ones mentioned here that are being spread everyday. In the end believing them they will only cause you disappointment.

If you have a criminal record, call us at 1-800-543-2137 and get the truth.
You may be surprised by what you learn!

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